galleria gentili

The intimacy of seeing. Photographs by Ulrich Erben

9 Jun 2018—- 12 Aug 2018
Kunstmuseum Bochum


Ulrich Erben has been photographing for many years with the gaze of a painter who turns color and light into space in his paintings. Comparable to the classical use of drawing or watercolor, he uses the medium photography for study purposes and preparatory work and for some time also for autonomous works. Against the background of the digital possibilities, everyone takes photos today. In art, the boundaries in terms of motifs and especially the formats are constantly expanding, large-format digital image compositions dominate exhibitions, but also the public media landscape.

In this situation, which he himself found to be exciting, the painter, Ulrich Erben, born in 1940 in Dusseldorf, for the first time draws his attention to small photographic works - compositions he describes as light paintings - which completely follow the principles of his painting. Although inspired by real phenomena such as landscapes, clouds or still lifes, it is not about imaging, but about abstract spatial experiences. Through small windows one looks at something visible, which could arise through the encounter of painting and photography. These images of light require a concentrated vision from the viewer, thus giving it back the intimacy and sensuality of seeing. Unspectacular and silent, they enable a lingering look.