Alexander Laner, Beate Engl, Franka Kaßner, Leonie Felle, Marco Schuler, Michael Schrattenthaler, Mitra Wakil, Nick Bötticher, Tim Wolf, and ZeytmitRosa (Rosanna Schumacher & Johanna Zey)

May 21, 2011 – Jun 30, 2011
Opening: May 21, 2011, 18:30

Press release

Kiss on your right cheek, kiss on your left cheek. The usual greeting exchange. Once, twice, four times? You easily go out of time! With the video-work „BussiBussi“ the artist duet ZeytmitRosa is testing for how long you can go on kissing each other. After some time, movements get mechanical, facial expressions appear forced and the ritual seems to be never-ending. 46 minutes: it should be enough.

With his work „Müzik Siti“, Tim Wolff observes the incredibly colourful nightlife in the streets of Istanbul. The night is spent with musicians: bars, roof-garden pubs, coffeehouses, and street scenes in a metropolis. Screams, sirens, motor noises and pieces of conversations become Beats, short fragments of films, quickly shot, become Snares and Hi-Hats, slow fragments become double basses. For each tonality, the image remains visible. Video-clip or Video-collage?

In the work „Einer für alle“ („One for all “) by Beate Engls, a pennant-shaped red flag is rotating in a zinc bucket. Through its swinging movement the flag extends and the observer automatically moves backwards. At the same time a rhythmic and monotonous sound is still heard: it might be the noise of a machine or a military parade.

A normal daily life situation: a pile of books and an empty coffee cup. The unusual event is that the cup turns backwards in a second, like a clock. The title of this work by Michael Schrattenthaler is „Black and sweet“.

A racing bicycle fallen to the round, a hidden battery starts a chain device equipped with a pick-up, and a music is suddenly heard in the air: it is „La Traviata“ by Maria Callas. With his poetical transformations of industrially manufactured products, Alexander Laner offers impressions in absurd and surprising environments.

“Self-portrait” by Leonie Felle is a visual diary of snapshots (Polaroid). The camera accompanies atmospheres, sensations and impressions that are reflected in the artist‘s face. With approximately 600 photos, she fixes her memories of the last five years – from her private life in daily situations, from trips, from moments with her family or friends.

A contemporary review: Russian dolls have changed their folk dress and only the face is marked through a perforation at the eye height. The swinging among cultures is the central element in „Blue figure“ by Mitra Wakil. Through it, she tries “to think about the things I have lived and to bring them to a form that the others can reach and approach.“

„Lambo“ by Marco Schuler is a wall object in the shape of a pillow, made with a printed truck tarpaulin, on which two holes resemble sunken eyes. If you turn it, you think you see a burning Lamborghini. Every day object, flotsam and jetsam, fetish or poetical symbol?

Is palm a flower? Do black plants exist? “Flower still life” by Franka Kaßner asks questions and gives some answers: it is not a question of botanical knowledge or love for nature. This is how plants look when nature was removed from them and it is therefore impossible to look at them with a devotional contemplation. A true still life: black, dead, stiff, “nature morte”.

Situations or things that just step in front of you unobserved and then become objects that maybe deserve a second glance. Findings, objects of your daily life that amaze or surprise you, such as the “swoosh” by Nick Bötticher. Clothes hanger or logo?

Even where no connected activity can be recognized there is a route, through its own movement, among and with the single works. They may be jumps against the free fall, they may be fragments of movement: the decision is up to the observer. „Gira la testa“ as an invitation? But there is a perpetually open question about the theme of movement: does it turn in your head? Does your own head turn or is the environment turning? Are there borders or does everything vanish? There will always be more questions than answers. Your own work and the artistic dialogue count, as a matter of fact. A lively artistic scene must renew and re-invent itself all the time. Ever-changing conditions of the artistic production and of the society, as a comparison with themselves, with trends and against-the-stream movements, in a rapid change. And how Bill Copley would write, however, „only when you know what art is not, you have the world open in front of you.“ Not only through globalisation the borders among media have become confused – Crossover and anything goes.

The artists who participate in this Exhibition come from Germany, Austria, Italy, Rumania and Afghanistan. All have studies in Munich and all live and work there.