Carlo Guaita

Mar 5, 2011 – Apr 30, 2011
Opening: March 5, 2011, 18:30

Press release

The exhibition of works by Carlo Guaita entitled “Analoghi” (Analogues) is to be held at the Galleria Gentili. The artist, who has already exposed in the Gallery in 2009, is presenting a group of recent works, produced in 2010. On this occasion the artist will be displaying photographs, works on canvas, sculptures and books: all these works feature a relation that is formal and procedural, and at the same time conceptual.

Guaita’s is an iconological and stratigraphic exploration of the themes and figures of modernity: monochrome, landscape, frame, quotations from texts of Natural History. The works are presented in pairs, in a relation of analogy. Here we’re not dealing with “doubles” or series, but rather with works that are at once the same and different. In fact, in the working practice of the artist, each work is repeated in the next with slight shifts, transformations and distortions, in a sort of continual and unsolvable redefinition and research. The “analogue” appears like the first of the repetitions, but is already change. It shows up the connections – continually open and dialectic – that the artist pursues between the concept of definition (form) and the impossibility of implementing it. Eluding the category of the “double” and eluding the category of the “series”, the “analogue” unhinges the meaning, creates instability in the relation and shifts the definition.